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The Social Network Movie

The Social Network movie is well written and in combination with excellent performances it is a joy to watch. The Facebook is offered an origin tale and is given appropriate drama and color than the true life version. Everything is satisfying in this film and the director tops the game. David Fincher has successfully done it again and is the source for entertainment. This story is also well embellished by Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter who has done a fascinating job in showing the founding of social website network, Facebook and in doing this he fashioned a drama, an intrigue, fun, double crossing and humor.

The Fincher’s direction and the script of Sorkin create a fascinating character tale. The sense and feel of this film can be actually felt owing to the technology that has progressed much than it really comes to notice. Jessie Eisenbery is the Facebook founder and his fast speech in combination with focused glaze effectively gives his performance a spark of his intelligence.

Though he is not likeable, he is worth watching. Andrew Garfield as the partner and CFO has done his role perfectly, while Armie Hammer plays a dual role claiming Zuckerberg having stolen their idea. The characters are Shakespearean by nature, however, there are no killing and are fun to watch.

The Social Network movie is winning feather to already a successful cap of the director David Fincher and is worth viewing. The thing that appears to be bad or can be considered as bad is that there are stories of real life and that people enjoy fiction that is not the truth. The dramatic interactions are too colorful and are not always correct. The film in many ways is done well and so small things do not matter much, yet the real life events are shown with facts.