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Movie red: A must watch

Movie red is an action packed thriller, being starred by Bruce Willis who plays, Frank Moses. Frank is a retired CIA agent goes by the name retired extremely dangerous. It all started when Frank participated in a rescue mission in Guatemala, only to find out that, all who participated are being executed for reasons not known to him.

Frank and Sarah, who is a pension adviser by profession, are having a heated conversation over the phone and it’s evident that they both like each other. They talk about a book their reading and then later on fall to sleep. In the middle of the night Frank is attached by a group similar to s w a t (special weapon and terr) which he managed to send off without a problem.

Frank goes to Sarah’s apartment to tell her that her life was in danger because she had been talking to him. He is a little bit disappointed because this was the first time he was meeting her and he expected it to be different. On the other hand, Frank’s looks took Sarah by surprise because she had always imagined him with longer hair.

Frank assembles some of his old comrades and they leave for the Russian embassy to go see his friend Joe, on a mission to find out if he knew who was trying to execute him. When they get there, Joe and frank engage in a hilarious conversation about their good old days during the cold war.

With plenty of romantic thrill, red is a tremendous action comedy with amazing cast that makes sure it’s viewers are totally entertained. This movie is a must watch an will definitely leave you yearning for much more.



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