Megamind movie

Megamind movieMegamind movie is a light comedy and fun movie that should provide kids with fun time and even to elders give some moments of fun and smile. Though not as much entertaining as it could have been, then also mega mind is a good enough movie for time pass. But surely you won’t be watching this movie second time once you have watched it.

Megamind is an alien sent to earth after the destruction of their planet. Unfortunately, mega mind was disrupted by a baby from another planet who beats him to the punch securing his position with a rich family while mega mind has to settle in prison growing up with criminals.

The baby grown with a rich family grows out to be the hero of the city and was given the title of Metro man, while the mega mind grow up with criminals and later became villain due to rejection and ignorance of the society. The story revolves around the battles between these two alien races combating each other. The fight between two never stops with mega mind sometimes crushing Metro man while mean time Metro man beating up the Mega mind and the cycle continues.

There comes a stage in the movie when finally Megamind is successful in beating Metro man once it for ever, resulting in the evil taking over the metro city. But after some time Megamind movie get bored of this one sided cycle. Just as the story seems to be ending, enters Titan; a new super hero. With the entrance of Titan the combat between evil and good starts again and it’s get difficult to distinct between good and bad as the distinctive line between good and bad is blurred somewhere in the sequence of story.