The Next Three Days movie

The story of the Next three days follows John Brenan, who was a professor at a college. John’s wife Lara was suddenly arrested by police. She was convicted of murder charges of her boss with whom she had an argument just a day ago. John tried a lot to release her wife but all his appeals go in vain and he was not able to release her wife. After the rejection of appeals, John was left alone with his son and he had to face this harsh reality of dealing with these circumstances. In the jail Lara attempts suicide due to disheartening.

As John knew about the suicidal attempt of his wife he became quite furious. At first he tries to give her wife something to live with in boring life of jail. But the more he tries to do that the more desperate he becomes due to his failure. He is becoming more and more reckless fugitive citizen willing to take serious risks in order to save the life of her wife.

This film might seems to be little long while watching coz there isn’t anything that can be thought as entertainment hence, making it quite long feel. But one thing that can’t be denied is the screen play and the performance of the actors specially Johan Brenan and the way in which he tries to rescue his wife out of the prison. The basic theme of the story is quite catching and you can’t not call it a waste of time, rather for many viewers this might be one good film to watch those who loves the delicacy and emotions would surely love this film.


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