The Cheri movie

Cheri is a romantic drama motion picture directed by incredible director Stephen Frears. Cheri movie is an adoption of a 1920s French novel written by Colette. The movie revolves around a middle age woman who has been in love relationship with a younger man since six years. The story takes a turn when his lover was forced to marry a woman who was forcibly married to a wealthy and a younger girl. After he was stuck in this loveless married life, the boy continues to pine for his ex-lover.

The movie is ultra emotional and romantic that one cannot take his eyes off from the screen as long as the movie continues. The Cheri movie is an ultimate drama in which everyone has played his/her role up to the mark. Michelle Pfeiffer as Lea de Lonval is incredible as usual. Rupert Friend as Cheri has stolen the scenes and is praised for her role in the movie. Kathy Bates as Madame Peloux and Felicity Jones as Edmee are other marvellous people whose presences have given a direction to the movie Cheri.

From the negative side of the movie Cheri, the movie was a sort of boredom. The character 'Cheri' lacks sophistication which made certain periods of the movie despicable. Throughout the movie it seemed as if the director Frears was testing the patience of the viewers. Audience found nothing original and captivating regarding the filmmaking to present Cheri as someone special in the movie. Although the movie gives various beautiful scenes to bring the effect of past centuries culture, however heir is nothing much to watch in the movie except for drama, romance and story.

Overall the movie was good but it lacked the factor which could attract people to the theatres to watch this movie. Every actor was well-suited to its character but the Cheri movie misses variation.