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The Warrior’s Way Movie

This is martial arts film that took on 2 years after it was complete to lastly obtain a residence in theaters. First of all martial arts film The Warrior's Way in no means comparable to a Red Sun movie, that featured the rascal cowboy, Charles Bronson, and a scoundrel samurai, Toshiro Mifune, even weapons and swords blended jointly here too. Administrator Sngmoo Lee determined do not wait in actuality and work with his fantasy, finally we have received a live fighting anime. Even non-stop stroke and slow-motion of The Warrior's never specified the possibility to think for what's actually happening.

It's a story told by a storyteller regarding Yang, the final assassin, who desires to turn into the greatest swordsman. But when all rivals killed he is challenged with slaughter a child, the final member of rival tribe, but can't perform it. Here life extended killer decides to sling up the sword "for a fresh life" and needs the baby and goes on the stream.

He hides in a almost ghost city in Wild West transport his personal tribe after him over the sea. He creates his new habitat in a tiny desert anxious city populated by kind hearted performance people, and becomes a laundry holder. Rapid cuts, swift act, actuality without policy and ninjas look excellent for anime, but there is no enormous story, the whole thing is simple. I love the style of ninjas, their fighting technique and even ninja boss seems politely but something wrong.

Yang performed by South Korean actor Jang Dong-gun, you possibly saying Jang in Kaige Chen's The Promise movie, in 2005, a legend where empowered by the worship of a slave, a royal concubine is agreed the ability to build an extraordinary result. Jang Dong-gun as deadly as he is little of terms related to drizzle in martial arts movie Ninja Killer that is simply one resemblance.