Burlesque: The finest music show

The Burlesque movie is one of the greatest musical extravaganza movie ever created. The movie is basically a stage show set in the Victorian Britain in a theater that is on its last breath. The Burlesque Lounge is facing numerous problems and the owner who is also the resident performer is having a hard time convincing the audience with her performance, though backed by singers dressed in bustiers that reveal quite a lot though not indecent.

It’s at these moments that in walks Ali, a naïve girl from Iowa in search of a job but no one in the establishment is willing to offer her a job. Sight of the resident diva doing her thing on the stage has her hooked and goes along way in convincing her that this is her place to stay. With the help of a bartender, she pretends to be a resident waiter just to have a shot at presenting her talent to the owner away from the stage she really wants to be on.

She finally gets that chance and true to her wish, exploits it to the fullest that she becomes the local diva. Many comic lines are employed in this musical show that it will leave you yearning for more.

The movie revolves around the life of Ali in the theatre as she flirts with a lonely bartender who has a girlfriend who is far from him.

The movie is really melodramatic and full of comedy ranging from a bad girl who is jealous of Ali to a funny stage manager. The whole movie has unique song and dance scenes that will keep you entertained. The movie is really a masterpiece. Well choreographed dances are bound to attract both female and male audiences for a great show. A great movie.