Let me in: A movie and a half

Let me in, it’s a horror movie with vampire being one of its main characters. Its shows how love and friendship can help quiet and reserve people deal with their lives.

Owen is almost turning thirteen his parents are already separated and are in a process of acquiring a divorce. He lives with his mother and they both talk a lot which makes them very lonely at a very tender age. Due to his personality Owen has not been successful in making friends at school and as a matter of fact he is being bullied at school. Owen spends most of his free time alone planning vengeance fantasies on this bullies.

One day Owen meets and makes friends with a twelve years old girl by the name Abby who has just moved in to the next apartment. Owen finds Abby a little bit weird, because she can only see her during the night. Owen decides to open up to Abby and tells her about his life experiences and how he is bullied. Abby sympathizes with Owen and offers him help if his vengeance plans don’t pull through. What Owen does not know is despite his friend being a girl she’s way much stronger and capable of so many things. This is because she’s not human; Abby is a vampire.

Abby the vampire feels the need to connect with the human but still she cannot share her secret with Owen. Owen on the other hand needs a shoulder to lean on and someone to confine in, but he does not have anyone since he has not made any friends. The let in does not concentrate on shocks and horrors but it emphasizes on the communication of two lonely people who are connecting with each other to better their lives.

The Let me in movie writer is inspired by real childhood experiences of kids who at and early stage of life feel isolated and lonely since they fear they have nobody who they can relate their lives with.