Avatar movie review 2009

Avatar is an epic best scifi movies directed by James Cameron. The action takes place in the year 2154. When the brother of paraplegic Marine Jake Sully is killed, he decides to replace him in a distant trip to the world of Pandora. The expanding mining colony becomes the threat to the existence of the local tribe of humanoid species called  Na'vi. As the story goes on, Jake falls in love the pretty alien Neytiri. Than the Colonel goes forward with his cruel  extermination tactics.
It has received  much publicity lately. A lot of people all over the world are captivated by this story. The special effects used in the film are really earth shuttering.
The Avatar’s story is compared with "Pocahontas” as well as "Titanic" is  likened to "Romeo and Juliet".  As any world-famous story, Avatar has not only admirers but the critics, too. Some of them find here the themes of racisms and political indoctrination.

So what is Avatar? A big joke or an extraordinary movie? It depends on what are you going to take from the movie.If you want to find a good story, then it will disappoint you. But if you want to be transported to another world, so you will find it in this story.
On the first weekend Avatar shuttered records raking in $77 million and  then $75 million on Christmas weekend. It was a complete box office success outshined only by Sherlock Holmes...
If you want to experience something really unforgettable, you must watch the IMAX or 3D version of the movie. It is said that people who suffer from motion sickness were   unable to sit through 3D or IMAX versions.
Avatar got about 80% ratings on RottenTomatoes.com. Besides, it was nominated for several Oscars. Here you can read full avatar movie review and watch avatar trailers. In spite of the fact that the movie has already brought $150 million domestically, there is still a long way for making money because the budget of the film is a few hundred millions of dollars.


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