Due Date movie

Due Date movie revolves around automobiles, trains and planes. There are solid performances and genuine funny moments. On the whole, the movie appears to drag at times, but is interesting keeping the viewers glued to their seats. Todd Phillips is slowly and steadily making a space in the comedy world with his earlier hits such as The Hangover and Old School. Due Date Movie is certain to take a step, but after a time will be forgotten soon ultimately is believed.

Good comedies are nowadays very hard to come by and the one that comes cheers mind, besides freshening the body. A Top Movie fare is ensured by watching movie Due Date as it revolves with a simple story, a straight road journey ventured by two opposite personalities and this is very well been told by Todd in a novel way employing all the capabilities of the veteran Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr is a successful architect in this movie having clients in cities far off and travels to Atlanta on one such occasion for a business meeting.

On the conclusion of his business, he rushes to reach his pregnant wife and gets seriously trapped in undesired situations making the most hilarious moments for viewers.

The character is well portrayed turning to be abusive and also resorts to physical assaults that is all said to erupt any moment. Todd well-known for his impressive presentation in combination with Robert in a gusty performance has made Due Date Movie a real treat worth watching. Robert’s wife expects to deliver anytime and the hilarious scene makes Robert blow his cool on learning that in the flight an airline staff has glaucoma. They are forced to de-board and pursue by hiring a car. With a laughter riot, Robert took this movie well and maintained a tight grip until the end.