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Bruce Willis released an action comedy by the name red in 2010, rated pg 13. Bruce Willis who goes by the name Frank Moses is a retired CIA operative. Frank is very lonely because he lives alone and this makes him result to calling his pension adviser (Mary Louse Parker) because he fears a connection with her.

Everything was running smoothly until one night Frank is attacked by a group of mercenaries in the Red movie. They are involved in a fight and Frank manages to rescue himself by killing the mercenaries. He suspects that his phone might have been tapped and they have been listening to their conversation with Sarah which automatically puts Sarah’s life is in jeopardy. Without wasting time Frank goes to Kansas city to protect Sarah.

When he gets to Kansas City he searches for Sarah’s apartment and then breaks in. Sarah comes home to find a stranger at her apartment. He introduces himself and drags Sarah to the car and they go to take refuge at his friend’s place. Little did they know that his friend had been murdered by the very people who had attacked him.

Frank, Joe and Sarah use the information that had been collected by the journalist who had been murdered. Using that information they managed to come up with a list of people who were to be executed. These are the people that were involved in a secret operation that took place in 1991 at Guatemala. Apart from Frank and Joe the only other person that is still alive is Gabriel singer. They decide to go searching for him and they him find in a village and takes him away with them.

After doing investigation they discovered that Gabriel Singer was the vice president of Robert Staton who had a mental breakdown. They also realize that Robert had been trying to cover his crimes in order to be able to run for presidency.

It is confirmed that nuclear weapons are missing. Frank feels the need to return a favor to Ivan who had helped them so much, he agrees to help them find the missing weapons. The movie ends with scenes of Frank pushing a wheelbarrow while being crashed by Moldovan army.

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