Inception movie

"Inception" is the far best movie and the point is clear that this is a top rated movie behind few classics. The director of Inception is Christopher Nolan who always has a thirst for success. He is an ardent filmmaker and Leonardo DiCaprio has done a marvelous job and as usual has impressed the audience. Inception has mystery, action as well as science fiction. This movie has plenty of fictitious ideas and the entire plot revolves around the actor.

The storyline is complex as the hero is famous for thieving ideas from others brains such that he is the best in this business, though he loses all that he loves. He gets an opportunity to redeem his life and this he does by performing inception that involves planting an idea into another person’s mind, instead of robbing it.

In this circumstance, if he is able to plant the impossible, he can return to his kids and family, else he ends his life.

This is an exciting plot offering thrilling experience and also gives plenty of goose bumps. This movie Inception reveals how a guy enters other people’s dreams and ends up planting ideas. He has friends to help him and with their assistance he performs this Inception. The ending is open such that the viewers fail to understand if it is a dream or a reality. However, the hours spend in the theater watching this movie is truly amazing. The film tops all charts and the best movie is viewed as a mystery. The lucky man is Leonardo to enjoy as he has such a wonderful movie to his collar, but the truth cannot be denied that Leonardo has done a wonderful job in this movie. This is the best movie of 2010 year and there is very little chance of some other movie beating this movie.