Blue Valentine Movie

"Blue valentine Movie" is a film that is first show at Sundance film festival last year. Blue valentine is a love story and this love story told in the time past and present at the time.

This love always presents romantic love affairs, courtship and strong bond with the lovers. This movie is a worst movie and it show marriage in trouble, sex and conjugal drama. Blue valentines’ movie is an application of lovers. It also presents young pair of love or middle aged pair of evergreen lovers. Thus the movie play sociable beautiful scenes and it pick up our attentions to the movie. Their relationship shore an superbly loving marriage, love affairs , clammy sex scenes that can make their love is easy and cheerful .In this movie , it shoots ambience and content or performance ‘you and me’ relationship. I think in this movie of other country is a joke.

This movie show open violence, blood shade, scene of sex and sex pervasion. In Christian society, it’s a main theme is sex and female sexuality in picky. Though the movie is a story of true life, real picture of life, the bareness and sex scenes made them happy want to get up .In this movie, it has a money back system after the movie is over. If we are looking for a happy ending in our love affairs or continue the relationship, so we watch the blue valentine movie. A real description of the movie, it is always overshadow in our life. In the every movie have good effects or bad effect but it is a part of our life. However, the blue valentine movie is also presents how to make our life very enjoyable. At the same time, we always accept good quality of blue valentine movie.