Free sci-fi movies: Try them out

For those lovers of classical movies, try out the various old time favorites. These movies can be enjoyed freely on the internet courtesy of You Tube. These movies include and are not limited to the following;

The Fly: 1958

The fly is a story about a disease that infected the scientist who was conducting a research on the fly. He used an machine on himself oblivious of the fact that he had company in the laboratory. This movie had a powerful effect on the minds of the viewers as it created fear among them.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: 1954

The creature was reptilian looking beast in the form of man and had desires for a pretty woman by the name of Julie Adams. The beast wooed the lady and endeavored to win her to his side. The movie featured two sequels which were both frightening.

Godzilla: 1956

The movie featured the dinosaur monster and was first released in 1954. This movie was enhanced for the American audience by including footage and stirred Raymond Burr.

The movie talks about the Americans experimenting on A-bombs the southern Pacific Ocean. This creates an enhances a radio active dinosaur that rises from the ocean and attacks the city of Tokyo. It creates panic but after a series of attacks it is combated by a highly effective scientific bomb.

Day the Earth Stood Still: 1951

This movie shows regularly as a TV series. It highlighted the first realistic alien. The original script was well done and focused mainly on the storyline. However, the latest versions have incorporated a lot of special effects. The story talks about a good will ambassador who is sent to earth on a peace mission.

These movies are among the premiers in the science fiction category.