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Journey 2: The mysterious island


skyfallThis is the film of adventure and science fiction. The film got released on February of this year 2012. The film attracts kids the most with its stunning and awesome animations of animals that found on the adventure of the journey to the mysterious island and was widely discussed on movie's blog. The film was directed by Brad Peyton. The film beats the gross income than its predecessor Journey to the center of the earth. This story is based on the novel, “The Mysterious Island” written by Jules Verne. The actors of the film are Dwayne Johnson, Venessa Hudgens, Michael caine and so on. Brian Gunn, Richard Outten and Mark Gunn were the people who wrote the story. This film grossed a sum of more than $325 million.

In this Sean, 13 years old kid was assembling and working with few signal receiving devices in order to check is there any signal from his lovable grandpa. Hank Parsons, step father of Sean in order to maintain a healthy relationship with Sean tried to help him to complete his task successfully. At the end they got a signal and with that they reach 3 books about some land masses.

But using the clues and maps over there in the book, they found that all the three books are about a same land mass and that is none other than the Mysterious Island. Thus Sean decided to go to the Mysterious Island, whereas Hank to joined the club to guide and help him. For going to the place they hired a helicopter for $3000, Gabato owns that helicopter. They flew to the most dangerous part of the ocean with Sean, Hank and Gabato’s daughter Kalani. On the way they were caught by the storm and the helicopter got crushed and they reach the island successfully.

The most admirable thing in the island is, that creatures in island will be opposite in size to that of them in normal earth. After facing a struggle with a giant lizard, they were saved by Sean’s grand pa. On the very next day they were going to the Atlantis, a lost city. According to them that island sinks for every 140 years and Sean’s grandpa made a wrong calculation which was disproved by Hank and they found that the island is about to sink in a couple of days.

So they were using the existing map to find the submerged submarine. On the way they are having chase with the hawks while travelling on giant bee, they are seeing a golden volcano. In a mid day Gabato was found missing, he went to golden volcano to collect golds for her daughter. Then Hank and Sean are going to search the submarine, while Kalani and grandpa are going to search Gabato. Finally Hank found the submarine and they are powering the ship using the electric eel and they are getting out of the Island. Thus the crush of Sean on Kalani is blooming as love. Thus the film ends with a happiest moment.