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Tron Legasy movie

Tron Legasy movie gained popularity very much prior to its release and everyone loved to watch such movies with family members and friends. In fact, the entire city kept talking about Tron Legasy movie and was eagerly waiting for its release. It was expected to release in the US and Canada and being a science fiction movies, it was certain to capture the science fans hearts making the movie a blockbuster.

Tron Legasy movie is about Sam Flynn who disappears and none are aware about his location. He gets signals and then realizes that those were from his father. With this a new adventure starts as Sam encounters strange weapons, landscapes and vehicles on his venture. Tron Legasy is a thriller movie that is certain to keep viewers at the edge of the seats. Getting advance booking of tickets is recommended as the response is expected to be high resulting in full theatres. Especially, if you desire to watch the first show on the first day, the best option is to get your tickets in advance.

Fans waiting for special science effects can enjoy this movie as this movie offers everything that one would expect from a right movie. This movie is a sequel of the 1982 movie Tron and people speculate that fans will be thrilled to watch. Kevin Flynn played the main character earlier in Tron and now in Tron Legacy, his son Sam Flynn. The noteworthy elements of the Tron movie were the Light Cycle and fans were thrilled to see new designs of these Light Cycles in the recent release Tron Legasy movie.

Plan your schedule so that you watch the movie well ahead of time. There are movies creating big names and movies such as Tron Legasy show advancements of science and its applications. Know more about the movie.