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Unstoppable Movie

Unstoppable movie is a direction of one of the top Hollywood movies director, Tony Scott. Unstoppable is a roller coaster that received the PG 13 rating for its explicit dialogues and violent scenes. Densel Washington plays the main character in this movie as Frank Barnes. He is the veteran engineer working for a railway company and is going to retire, while Chris Pine is a trainee in the name as Will Colson and is very attached with Frank. Frank and Will are on duties on their train, where Frank controls the train and Will supervises the attached cars safety and by default overloads the train by attaching extra cars.

Unstoppable movie presents a little weak storyline, but the movie goes on a fast pace. Frank and Wills encounter serious problems concerning another train that is let loose by yardman on the tracks and this unmanned train has deadly poisonous chemicals that on spilling can destroy the entire city.

Frank understands the situation and the rail company management asks him to employ his long years of experience in making the unmanned train to come to a halt. This movie director offers a visual treat and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. Frank and Will forget their squabbles and deftly handle with cool minds and present their expertise.

The unmanned train that is chemically loaded requires to be stopped immediately before it wrecks any city. The big problem is on the unmanned train pathway is a sharp bend and if the train takes a speed, the train will plunge into a city overshooting the track, exploding chemical barrels causing innocent citizens. The director has employed technical marvels and the movie is effectively portrayed offering complete excitement. The sequences are photographed very well and blend into a thrilling finale sorting everything and lives owing to the heroic deeds.