Learning numerology


The history of numerology is long and rich that does not need any introduction. The analysis of the characteristics, features, and personality traits has been very accurate. The study depends on the numbers present in the person’s birth date and the numerical values linked with the alphabets in the person’s name.

The numerological attributes of an individual is based on his/her numerology numbers. The major numerology numbers include the life path, destiny or expression, personal day, month and year, peach blossom, cornerstone, capstone numbers, and several others. Every number has its specific significance with the personal attributes and circumstantial influence based on the type of number. For instance, if peach blossom number influences the love life of an individual and the prospects of getting love and admiration, the destiny or expression number determines the character and personality traits, in addition to the way one expresses their thoughts and feelings.

In case you are contemplating consulting an expert to procure a numerology reading, then you should consider doing it yourself when it is an interesting and intriguing task. With a methodical approach, it is simple to learn the basics of numerology.

The simplest method to learn numerology is with software that provides a simple user interface. Free numerology software that assigns numerical values to the alphabets provides a limited scope to learn numerology. A complete tool to learn numerology must include devices that test the numerology lessons that an individual learns.

The MB Numerology Software is top numerology calculator that is a perfect numerology tutor serving both the purposes. The user-friendly interface enables you to learn and test capability. Once you run the program, you can choose either learning the numerology lessons or choose the do-it-yourself numerology test. This free software is a dedicated and friendly way for an individual who wants to learn about numerology.