The whole new science of movie technologies

When people consider employment and employment level, they usually count only those people who are directly involved in the art of film making and camera work. But behind the curtain of behind the curtain, people who manufacture lenses, masters of optometry and other visual sciences are forever trapped in work because of the undying cycle of the requirement for better and better goods, that is in this case, better camera lenses, video cameras and the modern era bringing about all the new changes, The whole new science of Movie Technologies, Dolby 3D and IMAX. Not that people in other industries such as Healthcare or I . T . aren't innovative or talented but they do not have to churn out highly innovative art forms and set pieces once in a while. They can do it in a more laid back fashion, outside the glare of people and popular media and their errors are never highlighted, just forgotten on the long pages of history. Apart from the fact that the movie industry with the new trend of movie technologies, Dolby 3D and IMAX is a very popular one, it carries with it a huge load of social commentary, reflection of the type of society that we live in and the lighting that has to be shed on the future with all it's delicately changing crests and troughs. Therefore, it is not just the technology that means something but even the responsibility that accompanies the arrival of the new trend of Movie Technologies, Dolby 3D and IMAX and the coming years will prove whether the film industry will arise to the challenge or not.