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Nintendo Wii U review


skyfallThe Nintendo's Wii U is the tyrant of the digital age. It is well-accepted by the public and it has sold nearly 100 million. This gaming console has upended the video gaming industry six years ago. The Wii U is not as successful as its predecessor, but it is more of offering the latest innovation like iPhone and iPad. This summer, a New Yorker cover has featured family members that are posing for a beach vacation snapshot and all of them are holding their personal devices.

Wii U is already released and available on the market. Wii U works with the motion control and it remotes you from the original Wii. The new version of Wii is better for it plays most of the original games. It has high definition graphics and internet enabled features. Aside from that, Wii U has a GamePad (10x5inch touch screen controller). It has everything that you can find in a typical GamePad such as the thumbsticks, triggers, and buttons. Nintendo has made it even simpler and easily understood through the use of touch screen technology.

Nintendo has been innovative in merging the touch screen technology and video gaming system. It is designed to live to your TV set instead of carrying it with you wherever you go. We are in a digital world wherein people are no longer bowling alone. Hence, the company is continuously searching for ways to commune with our screens. Wii U was created with one goal in mind and that is to gather families together in their living room for a touch screen gaming experience.