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Nameless gangster: rules of the time


The film shows the time period of 198ps and ‘90s in Busan. It is the period where corruption, crime and all illegal activities was very much higher and that the government decided to have a war on 1990. The actual meaning of the title is War on crime. The film was directed by Yun Jung Bin. And the story was written in more amazing manner by the director. The film got released on 2nd February of 2012.

The film runs and covers a time of around 2.15 hours. On 13th October of 1990, the President Roh tae declared the crack down on the crime. Busan citizen Choi Lk Hyun, a business man was arrested for the crime he done. He was also charged with the reasons like kidnapping, assault etc. An advocate of Busan, Jo Beom Seok took over the in charge of the investigation. The investigation was most predominantly held around the murder of hotelier. The murder was done by the Mobster Ki in the company of lk hyun. If the scene are gone to their past of around 1892, choi a custom officer and his colleagues was not having good sort of thinking.

Once they found 10 kilo grams of heroin in their ware house. So in the motto to make money they decided to sell the heroin to someone who will pay a huge sum for it. And they finally approached a gangster Choi Hyungbae, in order to sell the powder to Syakuza. Syakuza has his tie up with the local gangster Hyungbae. On the mean time Lk Hyun founds that the younger one of hyung bae belongs to the family of Choi from Gyeongju. And hence they made a strong bond of relationship.

Then on Lk hyun resigns his customs job and he turns himself as a business man. He used the help of Hyung bae to rule the underworld, and he himself get contacts with most familiar personalities and he helped Hyung bae in turn. Then in the middle they both together under took a nightclub which was previously run by Ms. Yeo under the turf of Pan ho. By this with the help of Pan ho, the police surrounds the club and arrests Hyung bae. Then Lk hyun with the help of his connection with Seoul advocate Choi joo dong makes to release Hyung bae. Then they both took their business to their next level, by having association with Yakuza of Japan and a casino Daedong. Then the pan ho threatens to make a fight against both of them and the climax tells who was surviving and who are the fittest.